HD Mode (DroidCamX)

If you have DroidCamX and a fast computer, and don’t mind the app/client using up CPU/memory/power you can switch into “HD Mode”.

Note that if you are using the free version of DroidCam, or if your device doesn’t support HD video capture, video frames will be upscaled and may become blurry & low quality!

To enable/disable HD Mode:
Use “My Computer” and find the DroidCam installation folder. By default this is “C -> Program Files or Program Files (x86) -> DroidCam“. You’ll find a “Toggle HD Mode” shortcut: right click and pick ‘Run as Administrator’. You will be presented with a picker dialog. Clicking OK will trigger a computer restart.

Is full 1080p support possible?

Short: yes, and may be included as an option in a future upgrade. However, it would be very impractical in terms of computing effort.

Long: Regular webcams transfer raw a/v data directly to the system and on to chat applications (eg. Skype) in a fast and efficient manner. DroidCam is a little more involved; the process of streaming data over the network, decoding the video into raw form, then passing each video frame through the “webcam” and to chat applications uses up CPU and memory.

For example, at 720p each frame takes ~2MB in raw form, thats 40MB of data at 20 frames per second (fps).
In addition, the chat application then re-encodes the data into possibly a different format which is sent back down the network.

A raw 1920×1080 video frame would be 6MB in size, and at 30fps the computer would constantly be shuffling ~200MB of memory around every second. This is why Graphics Cards are required to play video games or Ultra HD videos, they were created specifically to handle such expensive video processing.
For example, try opening Task Manager while watching a 4K video and notice the CPU usage.

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