Find Uninstall.exe in the DroidCam folder under Program Files. If you have installed the audio driver, you may have problems removing it — especially on Windows Vista.

Make sure you QUIT all running programs to ensure Droidcam is not in use. This includes the taskbar, next to the clock, some programs may be running in the background (messengers/chat apps/etc). It’d be best if you close your browser (with this page) as well.

In most cases this should be quick and easy – if no errors occur you are done. A computer restart is always a good idea.

However, there is a possibility you will get a “Blue Screen” error when the uninstallation begins (it will look serious, but don’t be alarmed – since you quit all running programs, this should not affect anything). Windows will write some error logs to disk and restart the computer.

When the computer restarts, you should be presented with the options to “Start Windows Normally” or start in “Safe Mode“. Use the UP arrow key, choose “Safe Mode” and press enter. Once Windows loads, simply run uninstall.exe again, it should work this time. Restart the computer again to return to your normal desktop.