Ditch the old webcam, and hold off buying a new one.

The new 'DroidCam OBS' app + plugin let you connect to your phone and get high quality audio & video just like a regular camera source. And you can connect as many devices as you want, over WiFi or USB!

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Q&A... Please read

How to use?

Add an instance of 'DroidCam OBS' source to your scene. In the source properties, choose 'Use WiFi' and enter the IP address displayed on the phone. [Activate] and the plugin will try to establish a connection with the app when you open it.
To stop, [Deactivate] the source.

USB connections:
For Android, enable USB Debugging* in developer options.
With Windows PCs, you also need to install drivers for the phone (Linux and MacOS just need USB Debugging to be on).

For iOS, make sure iTunes is installed (non Windows Store version), it detects the phone and the computer is trusted*.

Use the [Refresh] button in DroidCam OBS source properties to detect connected devices.

*Check the 'Connect via USB' instructions for the regular Droidcam app for more details.

Known Problems

"Read Timeout" error on the phone with Windows:
Your Anti-Virus software is likely blocking the connection. Look into adding OBS as an 'Allowed App' in the A/V software.
If you are using Avast, look in the Core Shields options and turn off temporarily.
If you are using AVG, disable their "Web Protection" option.

Linux version crashes OBS:
There is a bug with FFMpeg version 3.X. Until the plugin code is re-written to work around it, you'll need to make sure OBS is loading FFMpeg version 4.X.

Audio is not recorded or is recorded incorrectly:
There seem to be some problems in OBS Studio with audio recording. Audio from some sources is not recorded at all, or it ends up choppy. This is not limited to DroidCam OBS (1) but its a known issue and is being looked at.

How to report a bug

If you are having trouble on the phone, use the (⋮) menu in the app, open Info page and again under (⋮) use [Send Logs] to send in a bug report.

If you see OBS on the computer crash or misbehave, please email the OBS log to dev47apps at gmail.com.
The logs are in your Home directory,
MacOS: /Users/USERNAME/Library/ApplicationSupport/obs-studio/logs/
Linux: /home/USERNAME/.config/obs-studio/logs/


AVC is the recommended format. It is usually hardware accelerated both on the phone and on the computer.
MJPG is little heavier on the CPU and the network. It can use more power and make your phone hotter. Use it if you are getting too much delay with AVC.

Can I get 4K?

With further testing, for phones that can support it, 4K will be added later on.

Can I use Wide Angle or other lenses

Support for non regular front/back cameras varies from device to device. Improved support for additional cameras should come with future upgrades. In order to work in the background, and with the screen off, the app doesn't use all the latest camera features in Android.


Make sure OBS Studio is not running to avoid glitches.
On Windows, use Programs and Features in Control Panel to remove the plugin.
On Linux, remove 'droidcam-obs' in ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/.
On MacOS, open a Terminal and enter
sudo rm -ir "/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins/droidcam-obs" and follow the prompts (enter "y" to confirm), then do sudo pkgutil --forget com.dev47apps.obsdroidcam.

How do the regular DroidCam app and PC client work with DroidCam OBS?

On Android, the new DroidCam OBS app & this plugin are separate from the regular DroidCam app & client(these are much older).
DroidCam for iOS works with both this plugin and the regular PC client.