Important Notes

Windows 8: The “metro” version of Skype (“Skype for Windows 8”) may not detect DroidCam, in which case you will need Skype for Desktop.

– Quit all programs before installing DroidCam.

– After installation, re-open chat programs (eg. Skype/Live Messenger/etc), and these should recognize “DroidCam” as a webcam. You should also be able to pick DroidCam as a microphone. Try restarting the computer if the webcam is not being detected.

– There is no difference between Droidcam Source 1 – 3. Please use the first one that works. When idle, the output from the webcams will be a static color. The “Mini 240p” video source is included to support some versions of Adobe Flash, and older programs like Yahoo Messenger. Otherwise it should be avoided.

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