Install Notes

– The client exe files are digitally signed by DEV47 APPS, for your security.

– Please quit all chat programs to ensure a clean install and avoid reboots.

– “Windows Store” apps (eg. the Windows Camera app or the Windows Store version of Skype) will not detect DroidCam, and you need to get the desktop versions of programs directly from their websites. Skype example

– After installation, re-open chat programs (eg. Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc.), and these should recognize “DroidCam” as a webcam. You should also be able to pick DroidCam as a microphone. Make sure you are not using the Windows Store (or the “Metro”) versions of these programs.

– By default, DroidCam Source 2 will output a light blue screen and Source 3 will output an orange screen. The two video sources are there for better compatibility, you can use whichever one works.

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