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I get “Connect failed. Check IP and Port” message.

Make sure the computer and the phone are on the same network. Both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (WiFi) connections are fine.

Try restarting your WiFi router: unplug from power, wait a few seconds, plug back in and let it start up.

If your computer has VPN software installed, try connecting DroidCam before enabling the VPN, or connect the app over USB to bypass the VPN.

If you have extra Firewalls enabled on your computer / your phone / your router – these can block the connection. Firewalls are usually present on corporate or school networks, and connecting via USB is the recommended workaround.

Some users have reported anti-virus software getting in the way (for USB connections), and WiFi Calling causing connection drops after a while (for WiFi connections).

If you have a company managed computer: Check if network protection is enabled in Windows Defender, which could block the DroidCam connection. If you wish to disable this feature (at your own risk), type powershell in the Start menu, right-click Windows PowerShell and select Run as administrator, and Enter the following command: Set-MpPreference -EnableNetworkProtection Disabled

How to use front camera?

You can select which camera to use before connecting to the app, by using the ‘Camera Swap’ button in the DroidCam app on your phone.

If your device has more than 2 cameras, the extra cameras may not be shown as options depending on your phone make/model/version.

My Samsung phone screen is not staying active.

In Android 11, Samsung has introduced new restrictions preventing apps from keeping wake locks. This breaks many use-cases, including DroidCam. You can work around these restrictions by connecting the phone to power, or disabling certain battery optimizations. Please consult which has listed various solutions for Samsung devices.

Do I have to pay again if I switch my phone?

Play Store purchases are connected to your Google account and can be used on any device using that account. Apple app store purchases are connected to your Apple account.

The Play Store sometimes takes a while to synchronize your purchases, try again if it does not work immediately. You can also login to the web version of the Play Store on your computer, and install the app remotely from there.

For iOS, use the “Restore Purchase” option inside the app to unlock the pro upgrade after you get a new phone.

Does the pro upgrade apply to all DroidCam apps?

The Pro upgrades are per app variant, and do not carry over.

1. DroidCam/DroidCamX on Android (the original DroidCam apps).
2. DroidCam OBS on Android (new app for OBS Studio).
3. DroidCam on iOS (works with the standard PC client and the new OBS Plugin).

Can I get DroidCamX if I don’t have the Play Store or GMS?

Please email if you’d like to purchase a non-Play Store version of DroidCamX.

How do I increase the video quality?

Open the phone app and use (⋮) menu to access the Settings. Under the Camera section, set Video Quality to High. For iOS users, the Settings are under the gear icon.

Set the PC client to use 720p or 1080p via HD Mode, if you haven’t yet.

I get lag, delayed, or choppy video while using DroidCam.

The app will go as fast as it can given the constraints of your phone, connection method, and computer.

Do not connect audio if you don’t need it. If your computer has a built-in mic or you have headphones with a microphone, it is highly recommended you use those.

Use 720p instead of 1080p. 1080p has about 2x the number of pixels and requires 2x amount of resources for DroidCam to share data with other programs (Zoom, Skype, ..).

If your WiFi network is congested or the signal is weak, you’ll get freezes and delays. Try to restart the WiFi router and see if that makes a difference.

On the computer, use [Mute Preview] on the PC client or use Ctrl+H to minimize the Client into the taskbar, next to the clock. This will lighten the load on your system.

On the computer, if you have NVIDIA Control Panel installed, it may be rate-limiting the Droidcam Client. Check the 3D settings and the "Background Application Max Rate" option in the nvidia control panel.

Make sure you don’t have a lot of background apps on the phone, and there aren’t any Task Manager apps or Energy Saving modes turned on that might rate limit the app.

Open the phone app and use (⋮) menu to access the Settings. For iOS users, the Settings are under the gear icon. Under the Camera section, turn on Limit FPS, and set Video Quality to Normal (or even Low if needed).

On the PC client rotate video 180º, with no other changes such as flipping/mirroring/brightness/contrast, and position your phone upside down. This will save noticeable CPU time due to way Windows graphics are handled.

If both the phone and computer are close to your router (maybe the computer is connected by an ethernet cable) and you have 5GHz WiFi, you might get better performance over WiFi than USB.

Stop the video and use the [DroidCam] menu on top of the Windows Client to open its Settings. Change ‘Video Transfer Format’ option to “Classic” and see if this makes a difference.

You can use the [DroidCam] menu on top of the Windows Client and pick the “With Stats” option – then connect and stream (with lag), what do the statistics look like? The total time per frame should be under 30ms for smooth video.

DroidCam drains too much battery / uses too much CPU!

Streaming video will use a lot of resources on your phone. DroidCam is designed to be minimalistic and save resources where possible.

Make sure to dim the phone screen after connecting, and place the phone in a way that will let it dissipate heat.

Use the app with the phone at 100% charge and connected to power/USB, to avoid any extra battery usage and extra heat.

On the phone app use the (⋮) menu to access the Settings. Enable “Limit FPS” under the Camera section. For iOS users, the Settings are under the gear icon.

Stop the video, and use the [DroidCam] menu on top of the Windows Client to open its Settings. Change Video Transfer Format option to “Classic” and see if this makes a difference with battery drain.

On Android, you can try putting the app into the background (press the Home key on the phone) and/or turning the screen off while its connected and streaming. Note that with the screen off, your phone may enter power saving mode after a while and freeze the app/wifi/the camera.

ADB.exe not found / Error running adb.exe.

Make sure the adb folder under Program Files x86 > DroidCam is still there.

If you have an older computer or an older Windows version, download this zip package and replace the adb folder above with the one from the zip.

Go to Start -> Run, and type in regedit.
In the registry editor, goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – Software – Microsoft – Command Processor and delete the AutoRun key if it is present.

Pro controls are disabled even though I have DroidCamX.

DroidCamX will report itself as the free version if it has trouble verifying the purchase against the app store on your phone. Try un-installing DroidCamX and re-downloading it from the app store.

How do I uninstall the Windows client?

You can uninstall the client from the Windows Control Panel.
You can also run Uninstall.exe from either the Start Menu or the DroidCam installation folder.

If you are experiencing issues while uninstalling, re-start Windows into Safe Mode and uninstall the client there.

Can I auto-install the client across company managed computers?

Yes, simply run the installer with a /S option. Ex: DroidCam.Setup.6.2.2.exe /S.

Does the client accept command line parameters?

Yes. First, enter the installation directory, for example:
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\DroidCam"

To start into server mode: DroidCamApp.exe -l (port)

WiFi: DroidCamApp.exe -c (phone-ip) (port) [-audio] [-video]

USB: DroidCamApp.exe usb (phone-serial) (port) [-audio] [-video]

Use DroidCamApp.exe usb list to get a list of USB devices and serial IDs.

Add -tray option to launch the client into the taskbar (instead of having to use Ctrl+H after it opens).

Can I use multiple phones at the same time?

On the Windows client, use the [DroidCam] menu on top and disable “Compact View”. You can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. Once active, click on the smaller previews (shortcut Ctrl+1 & Ctrl+2) to bring them into the centre. Right-click on the preview area to load images as input sources.

If you want to have multiple cameras active in OBS Studio, check out DroidCam OBS as an alternative.

Can I use the app with my phone as a WiFi hotspot or via USB tethering?

You can connect DroidCam over both USB Tethering and WiFi Hotspot connections with your phone.

See the connect help page for details.

Can I use the app with my phone connected via USB-C Ethernet cable?

Yes, see the connect help page for details.

The Settings are not working on the Windows Client.

If you are having problems with settings saving, delete all droidcam configuration files under C:\ProgramData to reset them.

Will there be 4K video support?

4K support is not planned at this time.
Streaming 4K video (even when using USB) would add considerable load to your phone and especially to your computer – the process of sharing data with other programs (Zoom, Teams, Meet) cannot be optimized much. Additionally, most teleconferencing software is limited to 720p or 1080p, making 4K input unnecessary.

For 4K video production: check out DroidCam OBS which does support 4K transfer.

Is there a Mac client?

DroidCam does not have a Mac client.

You can use OBS Studio + DroidCam OBS as an alternative. OBS Studio now includes a virtual camera, allowing you use the output in other apps.

If you already have DroidCam/X, you can add these as a browser source to OBS to get the video. Use http://ip:port/video/force/1280x720 as the URL, replacing ip and port based on what the DroidCam app is showing you.